Theology and Mission curriculum

Learning about God is the heart of theology.
Mission is to bring a life changing experience with God to the world around us.

Our Theology and Mission curriculum is a 3-year (180 EAP) applied higher education program giving a bachelor’s degree. We want to help you know God better and be prepared to let the world experience Him through you.

The Basic Christian Studies program involves completing one year (minimum 45 EAP) of courses from the Theology and Mission curriculum. These courses provide basic knowledge of Christian theology, the Bible and biblical studies, as well as basic skills to apply what you have learned in your congregation and society. You can find more information on the Basic Christian Studies program here.

Our Theology and Mission curriculum seeks to balance developing your understanding of the God revealed in the Bible, as He has been known and experienced through the centuries, with developing your ability to share this God with your community and the wider world, taking into account the needs and the cultural and social context of each community.

Our curriculum is built around three primary topics: Systematic Theology and Church History, Biblical Studies and Practical Theology.

Systematic Theology and Church History (64 EAP)

Learn to better understand who God is and how He has been understood by believers in different times and places. This includes courses such as:
Systematic Theology I & II – what do Christians really believe?
The Church from the Enlightenment to Today – how has the church developed in a changing world?
Denominational Studies – what do different Churches have in common? How are we different?
Ethics – how do we make moral decisions?
Apologetics – how can I answer difficult questions asked about my faith?
Introduction to Missiology – what is the mission of the church?
Cultural Anthropology for Christian Missions – how to do mission in unique cultural contexts?
and much more!

Biblical Studies (57 EAP)

Learn to understand the Bible at a deeper level and to study it for yourself so that you can share the message with others. This includes courses such as:
Old and New Testament Survey – how does the unifying salvation message develop throughout the Bible?
Inductive Bible Study: Mark, Exodus and Romans – learn to follow the plot of the biblical books to gain a deeper understanding
Old Testament Prophets – what do these spirit-filled individuals say to us today?
Jesus in the Gospels – spend time getting to know Jesus like never before
Biblical Hermeneutics I & II – how can I study the Bible with integrity and faithfulness?
New Testament Greek I & II – appreciate the Bible as never before by reading it in the language in which the New Testament was written.
and much more!

Practical Theology (96 EAP)

Learn the tools and develop the skills to bring the message of the Gospel to the people around you. This includes courses such as:

Evangelism & Discipleship – how to bring someone into an expanding life of faith?
Pastoral Care & Counselling – how can I help a friend who is struggling?
Spiritual Formation I-VI – first priority: how do I grow closer to God?
Theology of Worship – how do church services glorify God?
Foundations of Diaconal Ministry – where does helping the poor fit in the mission of God?
Life-long Learning in the Congregation – how to have a congregation that grows deeper in its understanding of faith?
Homiletics I & II – can I become a preacher?
Foundations of Pastoral Leadership – what does it take to lead a successful congregation?
Ministry Practicum I-III – gain experience and courage to serve God
and much more!

The Theology and Mission program is offered in three parallel curricula based on the student's choice of study language: Estonian (curriculum code 121657), English (121658) or Russian (121659).

The curriculum also includes a number of General Courses, Electives and the completion of a Diploma Paper or Diploma Project. The full curriculum can be seen in Estonian and English on the Study Informational System TAHVEL. The Russian language curriculum can be seen online here.

If this program of study speaks to your heart, click here to apply to join us.