1. Declaration of courses

Course registration happens on the ÕIS (SIS) platform at the beginning of each semester in the form of a declaration. Required courses are added automatically to the student's declaration. Electives must be added manually by the student. If a student does not intend to take a required course, the student must manually delete it from their declaration.

Students who study part time or as external learners must complete their own declaration on ÕIS (SIS).

2. Declaration Confirmation

Each student must confirm their declaration of courses on ÕIS (SIS) by 31 October in the autumn semester or 28 February in the spring semester.

3.  Registering as an auditor

Auditors are required to register and receive permission before attending classes. If an auditor has attended a  minimum of 75% of lectures, the course will appear on the grade sheet without a grade. Contact the Seminary office for more information.

4. Assignment deadlines and late submissions

Deadlines for assignments are given by the teacher in the syllabus at the beginning of the course. Extensions to the due date must be agreed with the teacher of the course.

5. Academic leave

Request for academic leave must be made in writing. Consult the Seminary office for details.

6. Discontinuing studies

The decision to discontinue studies must be communicated in a written and signed letter to the Rector.