Needs-based study allowance can be applied for by a student:

  • who is a citizen of Estonia or resides in Estonia on the basis of a permanent or temporary residence permit;
  • who is not on academic leave;
  • whose period of study has not exceeded the standard period of the curriculum;
  • who studies full-time and completes the curriculum’s requirements in 75% or studies full-time in the first semester;
  • whose family’s monthly income per family member is below 523 euros.

Amounts of the needs-based study allowance are divided as follows: EUR 75, 135 and 220. Being qualified to any of the amounts of the allowance depends on the average income of the student and their family members in the calendar year prior to the academic year of submitting an application for the study allowance. The family’s average income is calculated on the basis of the taxable income in the calendar year preceding the academic year of applying for the allowance. For example, in the 2020/2021 academic year, data for 2019 are taken as a basis.

Read more about study allowance in State Education Ministry Website

Special needs allowance

Students can apply for a special need-based support of 135 euros per month.

The special needs-based allowance is intended for those students who have been deprived of the need-based study allowance due to the fact that their previous income exceeded the threshold for receiving the allowance, but recently the income has significantly decreased.

Special needs support is granted and paid by educational institutions, which ask applicants for additional documents if necessary.

Information on special needs support is available from educational institutions.