Goal of the Academic Affairs Committee (in Estonian: Dekanaat)

The goal of the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) is to support BMTS students in the process and challenges of academic study. The AAC is where students should turn when encountering difficulties during their studies.

AAC Structure and Members

The AAC is a subunit of the Theological Department, lead by the Dean. Members of the AAC are the Administrative Assistant, Education Technologist, translators, together with Academic Mentors appointed by the Dean. Academic Mentors are normally members of the Academic Council. As an exception, Mentors may be appointed who are not part of the Academic Council.

AAC Responsibilities

  • Provide support for students in their studies.
  • Advise students in matters concerning their studies.
  • Maintain the BMTS’ student registry (student information system).
  • Guide the students in the process of completing their studies.
  • Prepare regulations and directives related to students.
  • Provide confirmation notices concerning study periods.
  • Provide advice on the transferring of courses (APEL / VÕTA).

Responsibilities of Academic Mentors

  • Organize one formal conversation with each appointed student during each semester.
    • Prior to the conversation, review the student’s record on Tahvel concerning course completion as well as their declaration of courses for the relevant semester.
    • Make note of whether or not the student is fulfilling the curriculum as anticipated.
    • Following the conversation, fill in the Sharepoint file provided by the Dean for tracking conversations, making note of the date and whether the student requires additional support or to be directed to another member of faculty or the AAC for follow-up.
  • Be available as needed on an ongoing basis to encourage and help your students with their academic concerns.
    • Direct students as needed to consult a relevant faculty member, the Dean or Administrative Assistant.
    • The role of the Mentor is not to solve problems, but to help and encourage the student to find the necessary solutions.
  • Pray for your students and with your students as the opportunities arise.

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