E-learning allows

  • to design and develop study processes at the Seminary and to raise the quality of teaching in the light of new opportunities and challenges in education
  • to develop learner-centered teaching methods and to reach new target groups

E-learning links for Seminary study:

ÕIS manuals (in estonian)

The beginning of e-learning

The Seminary began to offer e-courses in 2004. Since January 2004 the Seminary started using e-learning environment Moodle. The first courses were created by Mark Nelson under the guidance of the Information Technology Specialist Rein Laaneser in March 2004. Training sessions have been held to the lecturers on how to create courses in the Moodle environment. At the moment there is partial e-learning support for 30 courses. 10 lecturers have taken part in training sessions.

E-learning support

Students are introduced to the e-learning environment in the orientation classes and in a more comprehensive course of Bible Study Aids. Information Manager supports and advises lecturers in the creation of e-courses and helps students with issues related to e-learning.
IT Specialist
rein.laaneser @ emkts.ee
phone number: 66 88 479
mobile phone: 51 65 208