I came to study because I have felt God's call to work in His Kingdom all my life.

Growing up in the safety of the church, I experienced many good things. But then came years when I discovered a world without God. It was then that I saw how much futility, meaninglessness and unhappiness there truly is. God's call came to me again in 1996, after which I graduated from a couple of Bible schools. The calling I had had as a young man was growing stronger within me, picking up the opportunity to study at Seminary was the only logical next step.

God was teaching me and drawing me closer to Himself, to become more like Him, while I was in seminary, which was quite a long period. At the same time, he equipped me with the knowledge and skills to listen to people.

I am extremely grateful to the teachers for their understanding. The cordiality and the love that is in this school - it's extraordinary! Secondly, I am grateful that teachers had a personal faith and were able to share their experiences. What we read in books would

surely be more distant were it not for the personal touch. The meetings, the conversations, the chats in the coffee corner... each one is a big wow experience - I am so grateful to the faculty and fellow students for every moment!