What I would like to say about myself is that I am a person of action. I like to see things done, not to fall into discussions about the various obstacles in the way.

Before I came to study, I had been a member of the Pärnu AGAPE congregation for about 10 years and had helped in various areas of work. By that time, it had become clear to me that sitting in a pew and listening to a sermon at Sunday services was not allowing me to live up to my full potential. I felt that God had called me to be in active ministry in the church, but I did not have much knowledge about the church, church history, theology, etc.

I came to the Seminary in 2011. Although I knew that God had called me to serve people in the church, I did not yet know in which way. Things started moving quickly and after a couple of years, I received my first appointment as pastor of the Pärnu congregation. I was surprised at how quickly things changed in my life, and during my studies, I was repeatedly confirmed of my calling.

My spiritual life and my personality underwent a serious humility test. There was a moment when I was about to drop out of the Seminary and discontinue my studies because things were not going as victoriously as they had begun. It was at that moment that I learned the greatest lesson from God and the teachers at the seminary. My early victories did not count any more and I needed humility to ask for God's mercy and to accept the help offered from the sincere hearts of others. Today, I am very grateful that I was not allowed to give up. I can now do the work to which God has called me. The time in the Seminary was when God did his work in me and my duty is to be his servant among many others.