In order to minimize the likelihood of contracting the virus for workers, students and guests at the seminary premises, as well as to ensure a safe working and educational environment, please observe the following rules:
* only healthy people who have no signs of illness, as well as members of their families are allowed in the seminary premises ;
* At the entrance to the house are disinfectants, please use them ;
* while in the house, it is important to wash your hands with warm water and soap from time to time ;
* coughing or sneezing, cover your face with your forearm ; do not touch your face, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands ;
* please avoid physical contact (handshake, hugs) and follow the 2 + 2 rule , i.e. Keep apart from each other at a distance of not less than 2 meters both in public premises and in offices ;
* please regularly clean your work tools ;
* if you wish, please use the protective mask we offer, which can be obtained in the library or on the info table ;
* we ask you to throw the used mask into a bin with a lid or put it in a closed plastic bag ;
* take care of yourself and the health of others.